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Raymon Grace Newsletter

June 2019

Howdy Folks,

Got this recently and thought you might enjoy reading it and hopefully it will inspire you to try something to improve your life. Remember, if you do nothing, nothing will happen, if you do something....something good might happen!

Dear Raymon,
My travel company put me up in a gated community complete with stream running through it... & there’s a small pond outside my patio with Mr & Mrs Mallard Duck living there...

Moved in Friday and started thinking about how dirty the pond was... couldn’t see the bottom & it wasn’t 2 feet deep...

Set up my DVD player... started your cleaning up water DVD on repeat... within 3 hours the difference in the pond water was amazing...and it was slowly traveling through the stream...

I continued unloading my car...one time... when I opened my front door I was met by the Mallards... & they stayed there just looking up at me ... I guess to thank me for cleaning up their pond!

The difference your DVD being played in my apt... facing their pond , was so important to these feathered friends they had to let you know how grateful they are... Wow!

I haven’t put any of the water from our class into the pond... just played your DVD!

After 3-4 hours the ducks came by saying Thank You Raymon! Don’t know exactly what happened... or how they ‘knew’... You have so made their lives better! As you do for all of us!

Thank you 

The DVD he played was my Energizing Water DVD, it is available for purchase on my web site at www.RaymonGrace.us

Being in the business of helping people, brings lots of opportunities to learn different methods.

I had some success with friends using an imaginary simple laser pointer, remember this was an imaginary laser, shining a laser pointer toward eyes can be dangerous according to the warnings that come with them. So use your finger and imagine it is a laser.

My friend Dann had contacted me a few years ago saying he had strained his back and couldn’t walk and was in a lot of pain.

Dann lives 300 miles away, so I just pointed my left trigger finger at his back while holding the bullet pendulum in my right hand, imagining I was sending a cold laser beam. The pendulum swung counter-closcwise for maybe a minute, then stopped. Dann said the pain was gone and he was going back to work.

Shortly after this, a friend from 600 miles away,called to say she had a large and painful cyst and doctor prescribed pain medicine and scheduled surgery.

Remembering the success with Dann, I told her I would work on her every evening for a week. I just pointed my finger at the cyst while letting the pendulum swing counter-clockwise. The first night, the pain decreased. The second night the cyst started shrinking. By the end of the week it was gone and surgery was cancelled.

Last week was visiting my chiropractor friend Bill Neely in Tn. and he was telling me about a much more sophisticated laser he was having success with. He showed me before and after picture of people who had serious skin problems and were cleared up in a short time with the use of the laser.

It seems he uses lasers, so I asked him to write a bit about the use of it. His information is below and if you have questions about it, contact him and not me. Hope it is helpful to you.

As many of you know, my wife, Nancy has been working with herbs for many years and now is going to work with them in a different way. She is using essential oils which has the same benefits of herbs, but are much more powerful per drop. They are distilled from plants or tree saps, bark or wood. We have both seen a benefit from some of them so wanted to tell you about her news.

My dowsing indicates the best brand on the market is doTERRA. So she has joined up and has her own website. If you want to order oils we would appreciate you ordering from her site at www.mydoterra.com/nancygrace

If you have questions please contact Faye. She is helping Nancy with this and can answer your questions. Her email is faye@tsvibrations.com. I really cannot answer any questions, just want to help her and you if I can, so DO NOT email THEM about them!

Enjoy Summer.

Life is full of surprises and too often injuries. What if you could speed up the time of healing of just about any injury to the body by 30-50%? Cold Low Level Laser therapy can often do just that. Cold Lasers are very low energy healing lasers and are very different than the Hot Lasers used to surgically cut and burn tissue. Certain types of Cold Lasers can often be used to successfully treat numerous conditions such as: post surgical recovery of hips/knees/feet etc; fractures; sunburn; back pain; headaches; memory loss; some infections; leaky gut; burn recovery; etc., etc. And these results are research based from sources all over the world (see Pub-Med).

Cold Laser works to boost the various metabolic functions of all human and animal cells in many ways. Some wavelengths of Cold Laser appear to benefit the body much more than others. For instance certain violet wavelengths appear to kill bacteria,molds, yeasts and parasites deep in the body organs when applied to the skin. I recently used such a laser on a woman who presented with a thick infected encrustation across her lower lip which was getting worse after about three weeks of medical care. After applying the violet laser to this area for about 2 minutes the encrustation fell off two days later much to her amazement. Using another Cold laser with a certain red wavelength I was able to completely heal an old inguinal hernia that I've had for about 20 years. This healing took about three weeks and prevented me from having groin surgery. Another woman went in for a right hip replacement and was treated pre and post surgically with the red laser and healed quickly with minimal pain. Such stories are common when Cold Laser therapy is properly applied particularly when reinforced with good nutrition, rest and the correct type of laser. This therapy is a great adjunct to many types of medical care.

For more information contact: Dr. Bill Neely at: billneelydc@gmail.com. or call my office in Johnson City, Tennessee at 423 929-9355.

And now from Faye...

We still have room in the July webinar if you have been wanting to take Raymon's class and want to do it from your home on your computer. Must have high speed internet. Go here to register if interested: www.raymongracefoundation.org/class.html

Also to those who participated in Raymon's Energy Sessions, many have ended at the end of one year. So if you are not being charged monthly by paypal, yours has ended. If you want to continue, please go to Raymons website to sign up again.

If you are not familiar, it is a great deal on weekly energy sessions. Full details and signup on his site at www.raymongracefoundation.org/energysession.html

I am excited that Nancy is going to now start selling doTERRA oils from her own website. I have used oils since 2001 and have not taken any type prescription medicine, either prescribed or over the counter since beginning to use the oils. Initially I used and sold Young Living oils and when doTERRA was started, I switched because of the quality of the oils and the integrity of the company in my opinion. doTERRA is one of the fastest growing companies in the US and perhaps in the World at this time. So come find out why.

Now doTERRA uses oils that are 95% from farmers who only sell their oil to doTERRA. So you can get essential oils, but you cannot get this same oil anywhere else. And I have seen amazing things happen with them. A friend credits OnGuard for keeping his leg from being amputated. A neighbor had shingles for over a year, treatment was not working and they were going to put her in the hospital and do chemo to prevent them from going to her eyes. I found out about it and talked with her about oils. She was interested and within a few hours her pain was gone after applying the oils. Her treatments were canceled.

I can go on and on about things I have seen with the oils....and would be happy to do so if you have questions. There is a lot of information on Nancy's site, including what the oils are & how to use them.

Recipes for making your own cleaning mixes with common household ingredients and NO CHEMICALS. This allows you to save money, and have a chemical free home too. She is in my doTERRA family and so I will be helping her by answering your questions.

So if you have any, please do not hesitate to contact me via email at Faye@tsvibrations.com or at 706-857-6300. We would love for you to join us in our oil experience. Nancy will be away on vacation for a while, so please do refer your questions to me for now. Any purchases will be on her site, so she will benefit from me answering your questions.

And we have added a second video of Raymons on line for purchase and watching immediately via Video On Demand. Whach on your computer, phone or device and enjoy. This one is the Foundation video titled Learn To Dowse. You get to watch for 30 days and the cost is only $25. You get immediate access. If interested go here tsvibrations.inplayer.com to purchase and watch.

We saved the best for last.... the Call to Action. June 21st, 2019. Please read details on Raymons site at www.raymongraceprojects.com/calltoaction.htm and join with us. You are powerful and do make a difference.

We have had the request to increase font size, if this does not work for you, please give me feedback. Remember you also set font size on your screen and we cannot ajust that!

With joy and love,

To view a printable pdf of this newsletter....click here. Please feel free to forward this newsletter to anyone you like, as long as you leave it just as it is in its entirety. Please do not edit, forward as is. Thanks.


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