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Raymon Grace Newsletter

September, 2017

Howdy Folks,

The more we use dowsing and imagination, the more we find can be done with it.

Too many people are still asking me if they can do a specific thing with dowsing, and my answer is always the same --- 'Try it and see.’

It seems people have been trained to not do things for themselves but to ask someone else or to ask permission from someone else.

My friend Chief Two Trees said it this way, ‘People have given their health to the doctor, their soul to the priest, their money to the banker and have lost the poser to control their life’ I added 'and given their kids to the school system.’

Every time you ask permission, you are giving your power to the other person. There are times it is common courtesy to ask permission. Example, if you are in someone's home or on their property --- but this idea of asking permission has been way overdone.

Here is a short story from my friend Alessandra Previdi from Italy, her website is www.radionica.it

"Hello Raymon, I want to share with you my recent experience using radionics and your techniques on a problem with wine.

This winter a farmer asked my help for his wine that tasted and smelled very bad. He was desperate as all the production was going to be wasted. After dowsing with my pendulum I found out that the wine had a fermentation problem, maybe due to a very cold winter. So I searched a radionic treatment and a remedy to be broadcasted not sure if it would have worked...but yes, the wine's taste and smell changed to very good and the farmer succeeded in selling all his production. I was more surprised than him!

Last month he called me again because clients were calling him as the wine tasted bad ...could I do something??? Again I dowsed and found out that the problem was due to negative energies. Again I searched a treatment and a sacred name of God came out, but it also needed a good cleaning before. So I eliminated curses, negative patterns and thoughts, and something else I found in your list. The wine went from 2000 Bovis to 9000 Bovis just with this. Then I broadcasted again a remedy with radionics ( a sacred name of God) with little hope that I could do something... Well it worked! Again the wine changed smell and taste and again the farmer was saved from a big loss of money.

2 weeks ago I decided that I could drink that wine as I didn't have one for a friends meeting dinner. After 2 days the farmer called me, the wine tasted very bitter, could I do something? This time he sent me 6 bottles. Again when I dowsed I found the wine very low in energy and again I cleared it with your list, and again I put a bottle on a radionic pattern and the name of God to keep the high energy and as a protection. After 3 days the farmer send me this message: "please drink this good wine you have! thank you!”


She did not ask me if she could do this, she did it and then sent me the story. Her methods are a bit different from mine, because we are different people, but she probably did it with the attitude I have --- SHE DIDN’T KNOW SHE COULDN’T.

A few of my friends and I blaze a trail for you, similar to what the early pioneers did in this country. The pioneers and explorers went into new territory and if they lived to get back, the other people followed. We try something and when it works, we tell you about it.

Examples: Jeff Jones learned to live on water for the past 20 years. Benny Pigg accidentally cut off a joint of his finger and grew it back, Ale changed the taste of wine from bad to good. I have changed the quality of water for people in several countries .

What else is there to learn? I don't know yet but lets try what the rest of the world knows is impossible and see what we can learn.

I want to share a video with you. You may have seen it before because it has been around for a while. It is an good explanation and I hope you enjoy it. https://youtu.be/_T-F_zfoDqI


And now from Faye...

If you would like more information on Raymon Grace’s on line webinar go to http://www.raymongrace.us We have one scheduled in December and one that is underway this weekend.

I will soon be shooting some exciting video with Damaris Drewry about her latest work which helps people get rid of trauma induced sleep apnea.

Want to know more? Visit her website at www.beyondtalktherapy.com/sleep-apnea-solution/https://beyondtalktherapy.com/sleep-apnea-solution/

I still have a few of the beautiful fairies and also pyramid pendulums...check them out at www.tsvibrations.com before they are gone.

Here is wishing for you and yours a beautiful, colorful and peaceful Fall.

Last but not least, it is time for the Call to Action. Click here for full details and join in. You are powerful and you make a difference.




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