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Raymon Grace Newsletter

March, 1017

Howdy Folks,

We are starting this newsletter out in reverse of our usual....Because I am so excited about heading to Sedona for the Claim Your Life and the Art of Being with Gongs retreat and then playing gongs at the Self Empowered Wisdom Conference.

There is still time to make your plans and attend...and all the details are on my site at www.tsvibrations.com/sedona and I have exciting news also. The Self Empowered Wisdom Conference is being live streamed....so you can participate from your home if you have internet access.

And if you use this coupon code:   Gongs50   on the registration page...you get a 50% discount on the cost....so sign up...and be a part of this conference. I will be playing gongs in the Chapel on site and Live streaming is not available there.....so you will not see me play but you can see the amazing conference.

Remember to look for the coupon button before paying...and enter Gongs50 to get your 50% off.

I would love to hear that you are participating too...so drop me an email and let me know you signed up! Register here http://www.selfempoweredwisdom.live/ watch for the coupon code button before completing your payment, and enter Gongs50 as the coupon code and you get the entire livestream for $54 and change.

So come out and join us. Sedona is beautiful and the weekend will give you tools to empower you and your life! And gongs too!

The energy sessions Raymon is doing are going well and you can read what people are saying at www.raymongracefoundation.org/energysession.html

What Raymon does during these sessions is the same thing he teaches in his classes, his webinars and also on his DVDs. Those are all found on his site at www.RaymonGrace.us

Enjoy the spring flowers! They are already blooming here in Georgia, a bit early but beautiful.

With joy and laughter,


And now from Raymon....

This newsletter is a bit different and the purpose is to show you what can be done when you don’t know you can’t do it. It has a bad start but a better ending.

There has always been a lot of abuse in the world and have wanted to do something about it. Faye and I made a DVD called ‘Blueprint For Freedom’ and it is available at www.raymongracefoundation.org

When I was 15, a thought came to me of going back in time to prevent people from being tortured. I didn’t know how to do it then, but never forgot the idea. It took a long time and am still learning. This story is the best example yet of how effective this can be. Part of this is taken from an email written by the person who experienced it. I have censored most of it, so please understand it was worse than it sounds.

Nicole was in class recently, and as I was leaving, she asked if I would talk to her by phone. I agreed.

The following is a very condensed part of our conversation and an email to me a month after our conversation.

"When I was growing up physical, mental, emotional, and verbal abuse where a part of everyday life. Most mornings my brother and I were woken to the alarm clock of my mother screaming "Wake up you no good worthless ~~censored~~censored~~censored Worthless was her favorite word and she had no problem letting us know throughout the day that we were exactly that. When her temper hit a certain level you ran for cover and prayed the belt was lost.

Another time I stumbled out of bed to go to the bathroom, I forgot to yell out for permission to go to the bathroom first so I was beaten bare bottom and made to sit on a metal grate heater with the heat turned up as high as it would go. I carried 15 scars from this night on my bottom. I can not remember a night I have been able to sleep a whole night through in 37 years. The smallest of noises wake me. Quite literally I have slept with one eye open out of fear."

At this point, I went back in time and mentally projected into the scene and stopped her from being sat on the heater. She started to cry and said she felt ‘lighter.’ I called her 2 hours later and a lot of the pain was gone.

The rest of her email was written to me about a month later and is below:

Fast forward to October 2016. I was invited to listen Raymon speak on Dowsing, I had read his books so seeing him in person was a gift. I just had no idea how much of a gift this meeting would be. During his teachings he talked of going back in time and healing, saying he had very positive results, this intrigued me. You see I was told by a therapist, that I only saw once, that I'd have to be in therapy for years to work through all of my issues. As far as I see it, I've wasted enough years running the nightmare through my head and I didn't need to pay someone to repeat it over and over again weekly out loud for their opinion. So I contacted Raymon by email 3 days after the class. Honestly, when I pressed that send button I was pressing a 'please help me move on' button. And so he did.

Raymon was very quick to respond and his healing was just as quick. During the first phone call he went back and even though I could not see what he was doing I could feel it! The clenching weight in my chest that had been there for as long as I could remember just lifted, the tears that I'd held in for so long flooded my face like a dam breaking. But the healing did not stop there. For the first time in 37 years I was able to sleep a full night sleep. Nothing woke me! I actually felt safe in the dark. The days that followed the healing continued. I have not been able to lay on my right side for many years without a sharp pain waking me, that pain is no longer there. I've had sciatica for about 10 years and drove with a golf ball under my leg to tolerate the pain. No more need for the golf ball. A knot I've had in my left shoulder that continuously presses on a nerve does not bother me at all. The scars on my bottom have disappeared!

More important than the physical healing, my mental and emotional health is in a place I never thought it could possibly be. I placed myself in a closet closed the door and cried. Not from fear, but joy knowing I was not going to die in my own mind. My sense of self worth is there on its own without me having to tell myself first thing in the morning and throughout the day that I am worth something. My mind is no longer filled with self doubt, I have been able to have conversations and not be on the defense when I feel verbally attacked.

I look forward to what life has to offer without the mental and physical chains to hold me back in the darkness. I truly believe Raymon's ability to go back in time has given me a chance to experience life in the light. "
Thank You For The Healing

This story had not only made my day, but is physical evidence that we can change things and have a better life.

Don’t dwell on the abuse Nicole suffered, think about the possibility of helping yourself, family and friends~~by learning to use your mind.

This story is the opposite of how my daughter April was raised. Every day she was told, "I am proud of you.” When she was about 17 and it seemed our method of raising her had worked, I wrote a book about her and called it ‘Seasons of April.’ It has been printed in English, Chinese and Italian, but I only have the English copy on my website. If you are raising a kid or grandkid, the book may be of help to you or your kids or friends with kids.

You will find it here www.raymongrace.us/products.html

I want to thank all you folks for good comments you have given on it.

Enjoy Spring

If you would like more information on Raymon Grace’s on line webinar go to http://www.raymongrace.us We have just added a couple to the schedule page.

Last but not least, it is time for the Call to Action. Click here for full details and join in. You are powerful and you make a difference.

 Please feel free to forward this newsletter to anyone you like, as long as you leave it just as it is in its entirety. Please do not edit, forward as is. Thanks.
It is available here as a printable pdf file for download.


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