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Raymon Grace Newsletter

March 2018

Howdy Folks,

I only write 4 newsletters a year and really intend them to be helpful to the readers. Sometimes I wonder what to write that is useful to you and this month will share something from 2 other people.

Recently a friend sent me the work of someone who had written a small booklet about resolving conflicts. Since a lot of the requests for my help, involves conflicts of families and work conditions and kids gone astray, I took time to read the information.

Frankly, it didn’t make a lot of sense to me, but seemed harmless, so I applied it to a family who were having a Holiday dinner. The outcome was peaceful with no quarrels, but it went beyond that. Someone there who hadn’t spoken to me for 4 years, came to visit and was pleasant. This got my attention.

There seems to be no shortage of people having problems with each other and this has been going on for as long as there have been people.

Have been measuring energy for 20 years and write about it often. Energy has increased in specific people and places and decreased in others. Overall, we have more energy to work with than 20 years ago.

After the positive results, of using this simple technique, I contacted the writer of the booklet, Amy Jo Ellis, and was impressed with her down-to-earth manner. We worked on some projects without any conflict between her method and mine. Seems she and I have had similar thoughts and opinions on energy. The most noticeable thing we seem to have in common is ‘we don’t know we can’t do it.'

Question: Can we combine this technique called ‘Court of Atonement’ with our dowsing skills and create a more peaceful life for our families and friends? I think so. It cost $5 to find out because that is what the 22 page booklet cost. It is available at thecourtofatonement.com

Rain story: On Friday, Nov. 3 2017, received a request from a friend in Italy asking for help to bring rain. It hadn’t rained there in a long time. I thanked the Nature Spirits and invited in the Spirit of the Rain and received an email Monday Nov. 6 saying the rain has started on Sunday morning and rained all day and was still raining.

I don’t claim exclusive rights to bringing rain and freely share this information with those of you who will use it. Don’t ask me to do something for you until you try to help yourself.

Faye Henry sends out this newsletter and also runs the webinar and the Energy Clearing Project which is doing quite well. If you have friends / family who would be interested in joining our Energy Clearing Project, tell them about it and they can try it if they like. We are getting good feedback on it.

Read about it and sign up here.... www.raymongracefoundation.org/sessions.html

Faye has had some really good results with her gong concerts and has been playing lots of places. If you are near where she will be playing, I would highly recommend you go to her gong sessions. Will let her tell you about it as she can do it better than I can.

Enjoy Spring

And now from Faye...

It is almost time for the Coptic Conference in Johnston City Tn. I will be there playing gongs, you can sign up for private gong sessions and the conference here.

I still have beautiful fairies and also pyramid pendulums...check them out and order here www.tsvibrations.com.


Raymon's dowsing indicates that listening to the gongs greatly enhances your energy field...so give it a try. In person is always best, but the gongs are an amazing energy! Cds are available on my website.

I will be in Floriday next week, Jacksonville and St. Johns, so check out the schedule on my site and come join us! We would love to have you there. I will also be doing a class on doTerra Essential oils in Jacksonville, Fl on March 15th. Email me if you are interested in attending at faye@tsvibrations.com.

It is also time to make plans for the Pyramid Conference if you would like to see me there. It is a great conference!

Last but not least, it is time for the Call to Action. Click here for full details and join in. You are powerful and you make a difference.

With joy and love,


To view a printable pdf of this newsletter....click here.



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