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Raymon Grace Newsletter

March 2019

Howdy Folks,
I am continually looking to find ways for people to help themselves. This is why I make videos. If you will go to my site, www.raymongrace.us and at the top right, click on ‘dowsing’ you will find some short videos [less than 4 minutes]. Feel free to share them.

A few months ago, Dr. Bradley Nelson, author of The Emotion Code, sent a copy of his book by email attachment. He asked if I would read it and write a few words to appear on the back cover of the book when it is released in May. I agreed.

He and I were in the same video a few years ago called E-Motion. Each speaker was filmed in separate locations and we had not met and I was a bit surprised to hear from him.
After reading ’The Emotion Code', this is what I wrote as an endorsement.

“Dr. Nelson has filled this book with workable solutions to solve common problems for most people on the planet.

He has done amazing healing work for thousands and shares this information with us. Read it and learn to help your family.”

I talked with Faye about this and did some dowsing and according to my dowsing her gong sessions do the same thing.

We can do the same thing with dowsing and see much of this type result with our weekly energy sessions. More about them here www.raymongracefoundation.org

When learning something new, I like to put it to work as soon as possible and I know lots of people who need help.

While I had been transforming negative emotions in bodies for a while, had not used the term ‘trapped emotions’. It seemed to make a difference because I found them where they had not been found earlier. Faye calls this “issues in your tissues” and finds the gongs bubble them out during a session.

Being armed with nothing more than Dr. Nelson’s book, I started experimenting.
Here is a comment from my first friend receiving this treatment.

“Raymon, the first evening you found the 21 "trapped" emotional codes and released 11...I felt an inner calm. This was after going through the grief and tragedy of losing my daughter and much bad luck to follow. The following morning when you were able to remove the remaining 10, a whole different story. I felt as if I had an emotional enema. I felt an inner cleanse. I felt so empowered. I almost felt too good as if to harness the exceptional feelings for a few days before settling into this new wholeness. Certainly I still feel emotions...just longer in my way!
Thank you SO much Raymon!”

Was so encouraged by the results that I shared the story with another friend and here are her comments.

“My 10-year-old daughter has had a lot of trouble paying attention in school and her energies were very scattered. I am a mental health therapist and am very familiar with Attention Deficit Disorder, and she did not qualify for ADD. We were stumped as to why she would exhibit these behaviors. She was very capable of getting good grades, and would express a large stress response (tears, fear of punishment, etc.) when she would perform poorly in school. However, she never seemed able to pull it together to try and study more thoroughly and was very disorganized. Her father and I would never corporally discipline her, or physically threaten her in any manner, but yet she said she was "afraid of our reactions" to her poor performances and all over lack of organization or motivation to improve. I mentioned all of this to Raymon, and within minutes, he was able to identify that my daughter's lack of focus and overreaction to our discipline methods (she would get grounded) was actually due to MY trapped emotional traumas of being severely physically abused as a child. I had unknowingly passed down these traumas to my daughter, and she had inherited these emotions and traumas, which explains her fear reaction and inability to concentrate. Raymon used the Emotion Code to remove all of the trapped emotions and trauma from her body, and since that day, my daughter has been a new little girl. Her grades have improved, and it is no longer a struggle to get her to do her homework and to focus. Thank you so much, Raymon, for being such a wonderful healer, friend, and teacher! We are so grateful to have you and your gifts in our lives!”

So I sent the energy of a gong session with Faye to a couple of my friends and here is a response to that.

“Hello Raymon,
I wanted to give you an update on the massage session I was in at that time you sent the Spirit of gongs in my session (which was with my other massage therapist).
Usually when I am massaging her I end up taking on some of her negative energy causing me some anxiety afterwards. That did not happen this particular session. That has not ever happened before either when working on her. I have always taken on her netative energy. I think the Spirit of gongs during my session with her was very beneficial for both of us.
Greatly appreciate you sending that to us so that we could have a productive session.

So they both work, the gongs and the Emotion Code. And dowsing works, choose the one you like if interested.

It has been my practice to use whatever I learn to help as many as possible. Have since used these technique on several other friends and some results are more obvious than others.
Just wanted to make this information available to our readers and hopefully you will get as good or better results than I did.

You can find more information about Faye and her gong sessions on her website at www.tsvibrations.com and you can purchase Dr. Bradley’s on Amazon after it is released in May. Hope it helps you.

Enjoy Spring

And now from Faye...

So a little more on emotions …. our emotions make most of our choices in life for us. They determine how we feel. And in my belief they are the root cause of all diseases. Or dis-ease. And many of our emotions are a response to our subconscious programming that we are not consciously aware of….about 95% of our daily actions are a reaction or habit based upon subconscious programming.

Raymon talks about his in his DVD “Programming Your Brain” and it is available on his site at www.Raymongrace.us He tells you what you can do to change it as well.

Another easy way to do this is to set an intention for how you would like to be, and lie down and listen to the gongs as you fully relax. As you relax and let the mind be still, your body automatically goes into healing mode to create what your greatest desire is (intention stated) and it will bubble out the stuck emotions or issues in your tissues that stop you from being what you desire. It is effortless and easy and you do not have to recall what the emotion is, or the trauma that caused it to be stuck.

There are a couple of free 10 minute gong sessions on my website. So do this, relax as you listen and see what happens. An important part is that you set your intention, then release it and let the mind be still as you relax. You do not need to hold the thought thru the gong session. Just relax, your body innately knows what it needs, what no longer serves it, and what to bubble out. Focus on your breath, and just BE. I also have gong cd’s you can purchase for longer sessions. Longer is better… enjoy and let me know what you experience. My email is faye@tsvibrations.com

I will be heading to Arkansas the first week of April to shoot video and play gongs at the Ozark Research Institute’s Dowsing and Alternative Health Convention. Check it out and come join us. Register here….www.ozarkresearch.org

We saved the best for last.... the Call to Action. March 20th, 2019. Please read details on Raymons site at www.raymongraceprojects.com and join with us. You are powerful and do make a difference.

With joy and love,

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