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In "The Future is Yours, Do Something About it" Raymon shows you how to use dowsing to change the energetic flow of people, places, and situations, and how these simple changes can avert conflict, heal illness, and help people work together. Imagine the possibilities: settle differences at home and at work, find the best way to heal yourself and your family, remove bad energy (even ghosts) from buildings and much, much more.

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"Seasons of April" contains the stories and events of over seventeen years of life with my daughter April. They are written in no certain order of time but I have tried to sort them into various subjects. They are written as if I am writing to her, and I am. You are welcome to read along for your entertainment, but more importantly to use the information to be kind to your children, grandchildren, or any child you care about.


Book may be ordered by mail here,
or online at Raymon's site


The purpose of this manual is to give you the power to manage energy in such a way as to benefit those-to whom or situations at which you direct it. One point to emphasize is that we do not need complete information to solve a problem. What we do need is a willingness to do something about it. If we do nothing, nothing will happen. If we do something, something will probably happen. One of my beliefs is that no act of kindness, regardless of how small, is ever wasted.

All things are composed of energy, including our thoughts, and future events are composed of thoughts not yet materialized. If we combine our knowledge with that of the Spirit World, and use it properly, we can help change the energy around us and thereby change our future. At the same time, we contribute to beneficial energy for the change to better conditions on our entire planet. This is simply done using our minds through our thoughts, and most importantly, with intent. Healing, of various kinds, is one goal of this process.


Raymon's books may all be ordered via mail here, or on his site by clicking here.

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