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School Project

Our children are in school much of their young lives. To provide them with a better environment, we started the school project and invite all who will to join us. If you have a child or grandchild in school, you have an interest in the energy of that school. We invite you to join in this project and make their school a more positive energy place for them. Your children deserve a place of harmony and positive energy.

There are two ways you can join us, do the clearing yourself by following the directions below, or purchase the Energize Your Life DVD at Raymongrace.us and write the name of the school on paper as you play the DVD. We have feedback which indicates that perhaps they accomplish the same thing, cleaning up the energy of the school where the children are spending time.

Our goal is to have an individual who is connected to each school working with the energy of that school to maintain a positive energy place for the education of the children in our world. Your help is greatly appreciated.


To clear a School:
1. First, Check and be sure your energy is clear, using the process below, then repeat for the school.

2. Check the Energy Level to Determine if it is Good or Bad. And to what degree.

If you have the ability to work on many people at once this is the way to do it.

3. Check the faculty and students and even their homes and families and do a mass depossession is any are possesed.

To do this just ask your Spirit Guides and/or Guardian Angels if they are willing and able to do this. If so, then ask them to take all the non beneficial Spirit Guides of the people, and those negative entities within their energy fields and within the school and the homes and take them to the other side where they will be given appropriate treatment and sent on to the realm to where they are supposed to go.

You will have Spiritual help if you will only ask.

4. Next, check to see if there are any demons and/or poltergeists present.

If so, ask the Spirit Doctors to take them to the proper dimension and lock them up so they can never return to earth or do any harm.

5. Check for non beneficial energetic patterns. There are sure to be some.

Ask to neutralize them and fill the void with Fifth Dimensional Energy.

6. Banish all non beneficial spirits of emotions, such as hate, anger, greed, violence, etc.

De activate the Life Force of such spirits.

7. Scramble the frequency of such spirits and adjust them to the frequency of Fifth Dimensional Energy.

8. Remove all non beneficial archetypes from the faculty and students. Replace it with beneficial archetypes, as needed.

9. Check for Geopathic stresss and neutralize it if there is any.

10. Find detrimental water energy and neutralize any detrimental energy from their energy field for as long as is appropriate.

11. Find and neutralize all curses, hexes, spells and such.

12. Neutralize the ill effects of mass consciousness.

13. Bring all people and property into balance with the earth energy.

14. Invite in the Spirit of Respect, Love and whatever else you feel to be appropriate.

15. Check the energy in the school.

Repeat each week as long as necessary.

If you do not understand how to do the above, you may want to attend a class with Raymon and learn how to do these things. His schedule is on his site at www.raymongrace.us. Or purchase a DVD and let it assist you.

Thank you for your interest, you can do all these things. Work with it and see what happens! Happy dowsing!

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