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Raymon Grace Projects
We invite you to join us in the following:

      • Cleaning up the water
          • Cleaning up the earth and air
          • Changing and improving the energy in schools
          • Bringing about a reduction in abuse on women and children, worldwide.

There are many ways to achieve these goals in the world of energy management but all of them rely on people like you doing something using your own capabilities in a way that is meaningful to you. On the following linked pages, you will find the ways we are doing this, and the results we have achieved, but feel free to use whatever technique works for you - you are your own best guidance after all - as we all work towards the same goal of being the positive changes and making the positive changes we want to see in this world.

Having outlined that an important aspect of this work is that you contribute your own focused energy/intent in the most appropriate manner, here are links to the projects Raymon is spearheading at this time.

Cleaning up the water, earth and air, changing and improving the energy in schools, and the creating a good environment for women and children.

In asking you to participate in these projects know that we appreciate all that you do to help. This is a self-organising movement of like minds committed to positive change and we look forward to receiving your feedback about the successes you have achieved in your area so that we may inspire others to work similarly!

Raymon has created a DVD to help stop abuse...view it below.


Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V  

Part VI

Part VII

Part VIII  

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