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Who Raymon Is

Raymon Grace, founder and president of Raymon Grace Foundation, has taken dowsing to new heights, empowering individuals to gain more control of their lives.
With a unique and down-to-earth manner, he teaches in a style that characterizes his life. He doesn’t own a suit and tie.

He lectures across North America, speaking to a wide variety of audiences.

His work has been used in at least 10 countries to improve water quality, reduce violence in schools, communities and to eliminate abuse of women and children.

He has been a guest on numerous radio talk shows including the well known "Coast to Coast Am Radio."

He has authored three books.

"The Future is Yours - Do Something About It" which combines mind development, shamanism, dowsing, healing, and self-empowerment.

"Techniques That Work For Me" is an advanced dowsing manual. .

"Seasons of April-How to Help Your Kids Succeed", tells how he used mental techniques and positive thinking to raise his daughter April.

He also has a unique DVD created for purifying and energizing water and a DVD for clearing energy in homes & schools, along with several other DVD's & CDs.

His "Techniques" book has been translated into four languages and all of his books are translated into Chinese.

Raymon teaches in a "down-to-earth" A manner that characterizes his life (he doesn't own a suit and tie). His teaching is filled with stories from life experience, and sprinkled with humor. They appeal to people from many walks of life. He is presently available on a limited basis for healing seminars, private counseling, dowsing classes and instructional classes for both children and adults in mind development, promoting self esteem and wilderness survival.

Retired newsman, Jack Kestner, a long time friend wrote, "Raymon Grace is undoubtedly the most independent person I've ever met. He goes strong through life, along whatever byways give promise of new and exciting adventures, always listening to his own drummer.

Classes Are Taught On The Following Subjects
   Energizing and purifying water
   Native American healing techniques
   Pain control
   Hands on healing
   Healing at a distance
   The Medicine Place and how to use it
   Protective shields
   Healing in the spirit world
   How to use dowsing to determine if there are thoughts of other people affecting us       and how to prevent it
   How to determine if we have beliefs and thought forms that affect various phases of       our life such as health, income, depression, etc.
   How allergies have been successfully treated by changing beliefs, thoughts and       memories
   How inherited memories affect us and how to change them
   How to determine the "energy level" in your home or work place and change it
   How to move energy from a past event into the future to change a future event
   How to use dowsing to clear an area of numerous negative influences and raise the       vibration so as to positively affect people in the area
   How to build an "Energy Structure"
   Simplifying meditation and doing something with it
   Subjective communication
   How to help the dying
   Mental projection - Changing negative situations into positive ones
   Helping children overcome problems such as bed-wetting and bad dreams

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