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Creating a Good Environment for Women and Children

We have a goal to assist in stopping abuse of women and children. In stopping abuse, we hope to assist in creating a good enviroment where they are supported, empowered, and take control of their lives.

We are working toward this goal and ask those who would like to be involved to do so in one of two ways. Clear the energy of any place where you know that people are being abused, or purchase the DVD Energizing Your Life and use it to assist you in your goal. Use the same techniques that are listed on the School Projects page.

Below are some comments received from staff in abuse shelters that Raymon has worked on with the intent to improve energy of the people and location.

-----I am convinced that no longer can anyone work in our shelter with negativity. The clearing of the shelter has made that impossible.

Also, every since you cleared the shelter, our program has had extraordinary success in supporting women to choose the very hard road of leaving behind forever the violence and establishing peaceful homes after they leave the shelter. We are currently experiencing a very low rate of women returning to their abusers. I am in awe of the courage and strength it takes to go out on your own, when you may have never had a job, never wrote a check, and never believed in yourself. Yet, now most of our women are doing that for themselves and their children.

Thank you, I believe your work, and my continued efforts with what I learned from you have been key in this wonderful transformation.

Judi Selle
Abuse Sheltor Director

-----Also, that day, the women who was living in our shelter that I was most concerned about returned to her abuser with her children. This was the home with the poltergeist in it that you removed, along with many other evil spirits that had taken over her husband. Because of confidentiality and safety issues, I cannot directly contact her to determine what is going on in her house, but I did contact the county sheriff's office where she lives and they have not had a call to the home since she returned and all reports are that the house is peaceful. Typically, the police were there every few weeks, but it has been three weeks and no public trouble.

----- It is common in an emergency shelter for the women and their children who have left their homes, upended their lives and just recently survived horrific things, to be very on edge, either very aggressive or very passive, angry and depressed. All of these difficult emotions usually means that at all times we have, both in the adult group and in the childrens group, at least one bully, at least one who is the victims, several who identify and gang up with the bully on the victim, and a several who try to stay out of all of it, but hate the dynamics. These group dynamics are present not just in our shelter, but as I have read the research and talked to my colleagues around the country, very common in our type of setting. It is always something that the staff is addressing in groups and individually with the women and the children, usually to little effect.

Since August 31st, there has been no bully in the shelter, neither among the women nor with the children. With the absence of the bully, the gang type thing is not happening and there is no victim of the group. It is really quite remarkable. As I said, I waited a bit to report to you, because I wanted to have several weeks worth of the evident change. This week I have spoken with all of the staff, and every one of them reported that they are seeing the same thing as I am----bullies--gone; gang type groups--gone.

There is still all of the different personalities. They are all still feeling all of their feelings---grieving, feeling terrified of the future, angry etc. But the very noticeable difference is that they are no longer taking it our on each other. What an important change for their healing process.

Please share this story with others as you like. As I said the day I met you, I am deeply committed to forging new paths to my quest to discover the ways and means to help the families in our society find peace, love and support within their family life. Disagreements, upsets, disappointments, even the breaking up of families, this is all well within what I expect will happen between people. But---there is no excuse for abuse! And I do believe we as a society should require and END to family violence.

Judi Selle
Abuse Sheltor Director

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