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What is Dowsing?
by Raymon Grace

Dowsing is generally understood to be a method of finding water with a forked stick. Well, that is true, but quite a limited definition.

Dowsing is a means of getting information with the use of a physical instrument. Dowsers use tools or instruments such as pendulums, rods, bobbers and even forked sticks.

The movement of the instrument gives information to the person using it. We can ask a question and get a "yes" or "no" answer. If we use a numbered chart, we can get answers with a numeric value.

For example if we ask if a specified food is good for us, we will get a "yes or "no". If we asked what the effect of the food is on our body and use a number chart, we can not only determine if it is good or bad for us, but to what degree.

We are making available an excellent beginner dowsing book, "Letter to Robin*", and "Learning to Dowse" by Walt Woods, which has been printed in 5 languages. It will get you started and you will need to practice to become more proficient. Once you become proficient with dowsing and have a good understanding of how to ask questions properly, life will never be the same. For a view of dowsing by Pauline Roberts with the Australian dowsers and more details about dowsing and tools for dowsing, click here.

During an interview on Coast to Coast AM Radio, the talk show host asked Raymon if it was possible to use dowsing to change the energy in containers of water that the listners would place by their radios. There were perhaps as many as ten million listners that night.

Raymon agreed to the experiment and energized the water during the radio show. In a few minutes the calls started pouring in. People were reporting beneficial changes in the taste of the water and that pain had been removed from their body.

The same experiment was repeated over a year later with even better results.

Raymon thought if water could be changed over radio waves it could be changed with a DVD or video. An experimental DVD was produced and here is the response from someone who used it.


I received your DVD about a month ago, I put a gallon of water in front of the TV and played the DVD. After you energized the water I put a little of it down my well. Ray I live on the shore of lake Champlain, and all my life all my neighbor's and I have had to put up with bad water in the wells. The rock here is black slate , this gives the water a rotten egg smell, after spending a lot of money on trying to get rid of the smell most of us realized that this was the cost of having a house down by the lake. After I put the energized water down the well, I walked my dog's in the back yard, all I could smell was rotten eggs, as I do when I run the garden hose, I could see what looked like vapors rising up from the ground all over the back yard. I walk my dogs every night and never have I seen anything like that before. Well my wife Frances started to notice a softness in the water when she did the washing, and over the next few week's the smell of rotten egg's became less noticeable. Last week I had a visit from my cousin, that had not been to my house since I put the energized water down the well, he noticed right off no smell, he ran water into his hand and still no smell. Ray you have done for me what no amount of money could do. I thank you from the bottom of my hart, you are truly a grate man with special powers that need to be realized for the better good of the Earth and man kind.

Your Friend,

Here are letters from someone who used it for personal healing.


As you know I have suffered from Crohn's Disease (An incuable intestinal disorder) for the past 18 years.

About 3 months ago you gave me a bottle of what you call "Energized Programmed Water" and asked me to drink is on a regular basis and just continually replenish it as I use it. This water was" programmed" to treat my Crohn's Disease.

About 2 weeks I noticed a marked improvement in my condition and that improved condition has continued for this period of approximately 3 months.

I cannot be certain that the improvement is due to your programmed water, but I can honestly say that I haven't made any other changes to which I could give the credit

I am most grateful to you for your concern & efforts to want to improve my health.

Sincerely yours,


Dear Mr. Grace:

I am writing with the results of the Energized Water I recently received from a friend on August 19, 2005 and began using immediately. The results were incredible.

I used the Energized Water with a client who was unable to lift her left leg and was in severe pain. I used the water to ease her pain and within 5-10 minutes she was able to lift her left leg with no pain.

Since then I have given her the Energized water and she is using it regularly with amazing results, she has walked out my door so much better than when she had walked in. My client had been in severe pain, but with the use of Energized Water is now pain free.

I have another client, 18 years old, who is going thru the first year of college with alcohol and drugs. As I work with him and give him the Energized Water he poured out and the release was tremendous. The second time I worked with him the emotional release was amazing, this young man was so distraught I was unsure of the reaction I would receive. Once he released the emotional distress, you could see a change immediately. He will continue to see me, and I will continue to use the Energized Water.

This client has been much better after his emotional release. By clearing his college as well as the faculty, his Labor Day weekend was very good with his parents. Prior to this clearing his parents indicated they were thinking of pursuing physiatric treatment but feel it is no longer necessary.

Been doing your work of pulling things out of the body and having much success with your teachings, there is no one who can compare to your work! I cannot tell you how many people I am working on and the results are success-full. I am pulling pain out of the body where people have really been suffering for years.

Also your technique with your teaching is working on animals. Have eliminated surgery on an animal (dog) also nervous system was affected due to a spray. Giving your energized water to the dog, the dog is now without seizures.

Have testimonials to back this healing work up.

In closing I want to say I am well pleased with the results I am received using Energized Water and Management of energy for improving your life. My first greatest teacher in healing was Hanna Kroger; my second teacher passed his knowledge on to me about the three-day seminar with Raymon Grace. Since then Raymon has been the greatest thing in healing with the energized water and management of energy. We have so much to be thankful for, I call him my Angel Messenger.


Rev Mary Ellen Alderson God Bless

These are just three of the many responses received as a result of people using energized water.

Raymon reasoned that if the water could be affected by a DVD, so could the energy in a home. So he made an experimental DVD for clearing the energy from homes, schools & offices.

A recent phone call from a lady stated that the DVD was played in the home in the evening and the children were quiter, more polite & peaceful.

Another lady played the DVD and focused the energy of it to her daughter's home to bring about more peace & harmony. It worked.

Here is another person's experience with it.

The DVD about clearing is amazing...I play it on my laptop everywhere I go...I have a funny story...I was playing in on my laptop on the counter by the phone...a friend called because he wasn't doing well emotionally...I didn't hear the phone ring, so he left me a message...he said that just making the call helped put him into balance...Raymon, that means that the CD helped through the phone!! Isn't that cool!!

It appears the only limit to what the DVD's can help you accomplish, may be the limit of your imagination and belief systems in setting an intention for what you would
like to have become a reality in your life. For details and how to order the DVD's, visit the tapes and DVD page. As Raymon has said so many times, the future is yours, do something about it. We hope we are giving you tools to help you do something.

* "Letter to Robin, A Mini-Course in Pendulum Dowsing" and "Learning to Dowse" are made available for free dowload by the author in pdf format. It may be copied in part or whole for personal use, for friends or clubs. It may not be copied for use in, or as, a for-profit sale item without written permission from the author. Many thanks to Walt for making this available to us.

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