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If you or someone you know is affected by ADD or OCD, you may want to click here for more information.



Welcome to the world of DOWSING!!!!

This site is maintained by friends of Raymon. The purpose of this website is to inform people of what dowsing is and how it can improve your life.

The main projects we are focusing on at this time are cleaning up the water, earth and air, changing and improving the energy in schools, and the reduction of abuse.

Dowsing has been used successfully in accomplishing these things and much more.
As news, projects or new products become available, you will read about them first here.

So come on in, enjoy the site, and have an energetic day!

We appreciate you and that you are visiting our site!

We hope you will join in and work with us on our projects

as together we create a properous, peaceful, fun, and

happy future for all beings and Mother Earth.

I appreciate the fact that there has been enough interest in the work that I am doing to create a Non-Profit Foundation to make this information available to more people.
The Raymon Grace Foundation has been created as
a 501[c] 3 Non-Profit Organization and received Tax Exempt status
in April of 2008.

The Foundation primarily focuses on projects that concern clean water, and clearing energy for people and places that promote health and
spiritual well being.

We have created a number of videos that are available clicking here.

For more information, visit our website at
www.raymongracefoundation.org or www.raymongrace.us

NEW VIDEO created for the energies of 2012!

In an effort to help as many people in the least amount of time, we have made a short video and are offering it for free. In this short video, I address three of the things I do frequently to help people, and I do it for you as you watch the video. It only takes 5 minutes and many find it makes a great deal of difference in their day. We hope it will improve yours!

You can come to the website as often as needed and play this video and direct it to yourself, or your family and friends.

The DVD “Healthy Body and Mind’ addresses these and several other problems that affect the behavior of people in detail with instructions. So if you want to learn to do this for yourself, you can order this DVD at www.RaymonGrace.us, or just visit here and watch this as often as you need.

The video is called Random Acts of Kindness, and you will find it below.
We have received testimonials from many who say they benefit from this technique, and we share two about how it helped with ADD and OCD in Raymons latest newsletter available here.

Seems we are living in a crazy world and hopefully this will help you handle it better.

Random Acts of Kindness by Raymon Grace

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This is the official and only Raymon Grace projects website which
Raymon is associated with and supports.

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